Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Peter Lougheed Park

Another hiking post! Beautiful day last Saturday. We hit Peter Lougheed Park, which has a bunch of snowshoeing trails and cross country ski trails, and probably is lovely car camping in the summer. I enjoyed a day of sunshine and not going up a mountain, and Chris was able to scout ski trails, though they were at the time occupied by a class full of five-year-old cross country skiers. They start them early around here, I guess.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Ink Pots and Johnson Canyon

Last weekend, we managed to smooth-talk a few new friends into joining us in a hike out to the Ink Pots (so named for the deep blue-green color of the tiny pools around the springs in this particular valley). Courtesy of our new snowshoes (thanks Mom and Dad) and a convenient dump of snow the previous day, we had a lovely afternoon. On the way back, we went through Johnson Canyon, where the picturesque falls had turned into an icy cliff, and the boardwalks that are crowded in the summer were icy and deserted.