Thursday, 5 June 2014

Barrier Lake and Powderface Ridge

Sorry for the relative silence, folks, but the weather finally got nice up here and we are out in the Sunshine (capitalized on purpose). We've done two more day hikes in the Kanasakis! One around Barrier Lake, by the way of Yates Mountain, which is a sweet little mountain (just my size!) and then a long meander back down and along a creek to the starting point. For the other, we dragged along our trusty sidekicks Shannon and Andy to Powderface Ridge. Unfortunately, we got about halfway along the ridge trail when we hit There's Still Snow Sitting Up on Top Of the Mountain, which although mostly melted was still four feet deep, and called it prematurely quits. Nice day, though.

[Chris would like to note that he disapproves of the second to last sentence. As author, however, I am asserting my creative license and leaving it as is.]

[Oh, and he'd also like to note that we saw a dusky grouse on top of Yates Mountain. We did, and it was very cool, being a wild yet almost rooster-sized bird, and a very stupid one to boot, given that it tried to scare us off by ruffling its feathers.]

[Chris says that's what birds do during mating season, so. Bird hormones. Not bird brains.]

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